Monday, December 29, 2014

To 2015 in a handbag

So yesterday My Good Friend F and I went out on our annual Legendary Christmas Extravaganza. It was a little disappointing, to be honest.

Look, if you go out on actual Christmas day, there's a special atmosphere. People know it's a weird day to go out, and they're willing to make the most of it. There hasn't been a Christmas when we didn't meet some strangers who were willing to make some new friends for one night. Because it is a special night. (Isaac Newton's birthday, obviously.)

But if you go out on The Sunday Three Days After Christmas, like we did this time, you get a bunch of people who look like they're having just one more beer before they have to go back to their Excel sheets and their knitting.

I noticed a weird thing when we walked into the first bar. Everybody there was arranged in a neat pattern of straight lines. The people at the bar were all sitting upright in almost the same position, and the tables on the other side all had exactly four people sitting straight and talking calmly. Nobody was standing or walking in-between. It was pretty mathematical.

Adventure Time fanart

It also probably didn't help that F had to fit this in between visiting his mother in Friesland and visiting his in-laws in Serbia. I think he's on a plane right now.

And I was in a weird mood. Look, I've spent Christmas with my girlfriend for the past six years, but we broke up a few weeks ago. So everything is kind of different and weird. I had a short discussion about politics with F, which I literally never do because I'm very bad at disagreeing with people. I got irritated and ugh the mood was gone and I wasn't even feeling drunk anymore and I couldn't even downvote him because real life has a disappointing lack of clicky buttons.

F did have a pretty good theory about evolution though. Something about animals learning to make tools, developing a computer and using it to crack open nuts. Yeah, it's just a theory.

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