Thursday, December 27, 2007


OMFG, it's four o'clock. At night. And work tomorrow.

I was out tonight, with My Good Friend F, sort of a christmas thing. We did that last year, went to a restaurant and then dancing, and we liked it so we did it again this year. And we liked it again.

Belgian restaurant 'Lieve' in Amsterdam. Good food (mostly, except for the fish), great conversation, so that's okay. My Good Friend F is insane, that helps.

Later, we went to the Sugar Factory, for drinking & dancing & being so cool that women would faint and men would hate us, so we drank and we danced and we were cool. And the women, well they were a bit strange. Or drunk, is a better way of putting it. No actually they were drunk and strange. At least the two that we talked to. I talked to one of them, except in the middle of a sentence she turned to My Good Friend F, and continued the conversation with him. And ignored me for the rest of the night. I mean, what? Was it something I said? My Good Friend F later ascertained that they were in fact both crazy, but he may have said that just to make me feel better.

She was pretty, too. Ah well. Apparently there's some sort of sea, and there are fish in it.

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