Thursday, December 27, 2007

So Long And Thanks

Well, that's all. I'm a quittin' this blog now. I started it to have something to do for christmas, and because I thought it might be fun. And it was. I might get me a blog for real, as it were, but it won't be this one. This is over. Maybe I'll come back to it next christmas.

Oh, and I really think it's best, if you're going to read this thing (or even part of it), that you start at the first post, and work your way back up. Chronological, like, for sense-making purposes.

So goodbye, and welcome. Click here to go to the first post.



Leonieke said...

You have a strange, but very entertaining mind! Please continue blogging somewhere! I would settle for or just continue here, cause I love the url! (But a Christmas project like this is much more poetically actually...hmmm) Thanx for sharing this with me.

Fandango said...

Thanks for liking it!

Maybe I'll continue blogging in the comments of my own blog. I still have stuff I want to tell everybody, like: I bought a recumbent bike today (ligfiets). A Sinner Spirit. 1425 euros.

Also I got a laptop as a gift, from My Good Friend R, with all kinds of wireless cards, webservers and linux. And I bought 12 books from Amazon ($250), and $60 worth of candy from Japan. I'm having fun.

I guess I'm kind of using the internet as a substitute for having a girlfriend to talk to about my day. And how was your day, internet?