Tuesday, December 25, 2007


Through the years, I've collected 214 pictures from the internet that I found funny. I'm not sure why. Sometimes I look at them. Sometimes, when I look at them, I laugh. Hey, that must be why!

Now, for a limited time only, you too can look at some of these pictures!

(Of course for a limited time. What did you think, you were going to live forever, and spend eternity looking at these pictures?)

You know, what I could use right now is a link that says 'click here to read the rest of this story' or something.

Or some inspiration, rather than having to resort to posting other people's stuff.

Oh yeah, obviously none of this is mine. I don't remember who originally made it, or where I found it. I do not own the copyright. I have no permission to post it here. Some of it may have come from Worth1000, Somethingawful or B3ta.

Oh, and the last one's not funny. Unless you have Great Taste.


Leonieke said...

I want to see the other 203! And no, I don't understand why the last one's funny... (blond)

Fandango said...

Hey, that may actually be my fault (that you don't get the last one). I was supposed to burn the movie for you (Romy & Michele), haven't done that yet. I'll do that right away, but there's a lot more space on a dvd. Have you seen Themroc, la Cité des Enfants Perdus or the Princess Bride? I think I'll add those.